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H-10/H-11     THE ENGAGING

The H-10 and H-11 reverse vending machines (RVM) are developed by Beijing INCOM RECYCLE Co., Ltd. and Tomra Systems ASA. The two machines offer a clean and robust design, ideal for receiving low to medium volumes of containers. On the basis of previous generation machines, H-10 and H-11 add shape, barcode, material, weight and other recognition sensors to improve the accuracy of recycling process. These RVMs are reliable in use and scaled for retailers in need of an efficient and basic return solution for handling empty beverage containers.


H-10 and H-11 take one-way, non-refillable containers. Additionally, H-11 is equipped with a SoftDrop   safe-landing unit to receive refillable containers. The upper and lower storage bins have a higher storage capability than its predecessor.


Both H-10 and H-11 feature a touch screen with a large, 21.5” display that suitable for branding and promotional activities.





YC-301 reverse vending machine (RVM) is aim at the market of non-deposit. This machine offers a simple and clean design, is characterized by 42” LED touch screen, ideal for wrapping advertisement and branding. The flat cabinet design offers a large space to put up poster.


The collection of YC-301 takes one-way, low to medium volumes, non-refillable PET bottles and cans.


Beside the recycle function, the collection of YC-301 is equipped with printing module that suitable for printing coupon, receipt and other voucher, which helps make the possibility of the corporation between RVM and retailers.






YC-104 is the basic model of reverse vending machine (RVM). The machine takes one-way, non-refillable PET bottles (optional recycle can). YC-104 is equipped with 17” touch screen for displaying guidelines and advertising. Additionally, the printing and card reader module can satisfy voucher printing and card recharging.


YC-104 covers the bases necessary functions of intelligent recycle. It also has the advantages of high performance-price ratio, operation stability and wide application scope. 6,000 units YC-104 have been installed in Beijing already.



Safely collected Beverage Units


Equal to plant 44075 trees